Lecture 1, 2018-09-24

VisStat HT18 #1

Course goals

What I want to teach you to do

  • Communicating with data
    • a data science approach rather than strictly statistical
  • Employ immediately useful and generally applicable techniques
  • Learn what you need to know in order to learn what you need
  • A responsible approach to dealing with data
  • Top down rather than bottom up

Why I think this is what you need to know

  • Own your own tools
    • Free
    • Auditable
    • Flexible (the question drives the method, not vice versa)
  • Communicate with real statisticians (or recognise the start of the path towards becoming one)

  • Visualising data may be more informative than looking at the numbers
    • Where the picture says ‘no’ and the numbers say ‘yes’‚ the picture wins!
    • (But maybe not the other way around)
    • Anscombe’s quartet